Dated: 29 May 2012
To: Gary Hawkins Earthmoving Ltd
From: Martin Clemens

Subject: HVDC Benmore

On the 17th May this month, we carried out a safety observation exercise at our HVDC Benmore site. During the observation it was noted at the excellent level of safety displayed by your guys on site, and I felt it was only right for me to write & pass on Mainzeal's appreciation of all the efforts your guys are putting in. As you are probably aware our client Siemens require the highest of safety standards on their sites, and you can be rightly proud that your guys are maintaining those high standards. So thanks again for all your efforts.

Regards, Martin Clements
Christchurch Technical Services Manager/Programmer | Mainzeal Property and Construction Limited


Dated: 1st February 2012

I can recommend Gary Hawkins as a 5 star person and worker. Gary has done work for Quail Run over the last 11 years. He has ALWAYS done the work fast and perfect. Gary does not dilly-dally. He gets the job done perfect and fast. His skills on that big equipment is like an artist with a paint brush. One time I asked him about that. He told me of a contest they had with putting a paint brush on the bucket of a backhoe and painting inside the lines of a large picture. He is so skilled with his equipment that he does not waste time redoing his cuts.

He does it correctly the first time. That means savings to you when Gary does your work.

Then add in that Gary is a high quality person with honor and a MAN of his word. A hand shake with Gary is better than a signed contract in a Barrister 's office. There are few people in this world that their word is their bond. Gary Hawkins is one of those very few men in this world that his word is his bond.

That is MY Word on Gary Hawkins . A man I am very proud and honored to call MY FRIEND

Quail Run